Stephen King's worst political fear

In the topsy-turvy soap opera that is the 2016 presidential contest, who is the candidate who gives prolific novelist Stephen King the heebie-jeebies?  It’s not crypt-keeper lookalike Socialist Bernie “90% tax rate” Sanders.  How about Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton, the Secret Service-hating “queen of mean” with severe veracity issues (under not one, but potentially three federal investigations for influence-peddling and corruption)?  Turns out Mr. King likes misery and cruelty in his heroines – just ask his axe-wielding character Annie Wilkes.  Could it be the outspoken, potty-mouthed billionaire, the pack-leading capitalist “bully” Donald Trump, who the Bush clan feels is “a mean, mean man”?

A negative to all of the roguish figures above.  In an interview with the aptly named Daily Beast, this specter who makes our American terror-master quake is true-blue conservative Ted Cruz.  Why an outspoken Christian and strict constitutionalist would upset Mr. King’s evidently delicate personal sensibilities demonstrates how warped and jaded the worldview of liberals has become.  That's the truly “scary” element here.

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