Snowed in in Iowa

Snow delayed Mary and me flying home to Florida from Iowa after our Conservative Campaign Committee team singlehandedly propelled Ted Cruz to victory, winning the Iowa caucus.  Okay, perhaps it is a bit of an exaggeration to say we did it by ourselves.  As chairman, I am just so proud of my crew.

The truth is, conservative patriots across America came together, rallying behind the fearless, proven, trustworthy, rock-solid conservative and morally straight leader, Ted Cruz.  Let's keep it going, folks.  America needs Ted Cruz.

Stuck in an Iowa hotel room with not much to do, I find myself reflecting on the state of our country.  Please indulge me ranting a bit.

I caught a TV show I've never seen in Florida about finding authentic foreign experiences here in the USA.  Fine, no problem.  The episode featured Brighton Beach, N.Y.  What disturbed me is that the producers celebrated Russian immigrants who have no desire to assimilate, creating their own mini-Russia without any thanks, praise, or loyalty to America.  The featured immigrants offered so much praise for Russia while slightly dissing America.  I thought, why are you here?  Why not move back to Russia?

Folks, immigrants retaining their roots is fine.  But for crying out loud, learn English and show some love, gratitude, and respect for America – become Americans.  Don't come here just to use our stuff while giving us the finger.

The hotel shuttle driver asked the typical “So what brings you to Iowa?”  I replied, “The Iowa caucus.”  The driver began attacking racist, heartless, and mean Republicans while praising Bernie.  I could be wrong, but I sensed that because I am black, the driver thought I would agree with him.

The thirty-something white man was the epitome of a low-info liberal voter.  Still fired up over Cruz's victory, I passionately vomited everything in my soul about the evils of liberalism and extolled conservatism, explaining why it is true compassion and best for all Americans.

By the end of my shuttle ride, the young man felt it was safe to open up to me.  In a nutshell, the liberal spin on several issues never rang true to him.  And yet he felt he had to embrace the liberal spin to be a good person.

The young man started every criticism of Obama with an apology: “I'm sorry, but...”  Finally, I told him to stop apologizing for telling the truth.  Seeing the light of conservatism turn on in that young man's eyes was priceless.  I am not saying the driver is a convert, but at least he is thinking.

Folks, my chat with the driver is a prime example of why we so desperately need politicians with conservatism in their hearts, boldly touting its virtues to the public with a smile.  Ted Cruz has that ability.

The snow has ended.  Mary and I fly home tomorrow.  God bless.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American

Chairman: The Conservative Campaign Committee