Sanders supporters discovering superdelegates rigged against them

It took them long enough!  Perhaps naively believing the all the fine rhetoric Democrats use to mask their embrace of crony capitalism, the young supporters of Bernie Sanders assumed that by getting a 22% margin of victory in New Hampshire their guy would win a majority of delegates.  I have warned them, and now they are catching on.  Daniel Strauss reports in Politico:

Pro-Sanders threads on Reddit have been burning up with calls for action, with some supporters even reaching out to superdelegates (who are typically Democratic governors, members of Congress, and top state and national party leaders) to lobby them on the Vermont senator’s behalf. Progressive groups are also taking a stand: There are currently two petition campaigns designed to urge superdelegates to reflect the popular vote, rather than the sentiment of party elites.

In one of them, activists are targeting undecided and committed Hillary Clinton superdelegates with a clear message: wait until all the votes are counted before throwing support behind a candidate. (snip)

As of Sunday, the petition had 112,107 signatures with a goal of 125,000 signatures.

"The next big thing will be this wave of petitions targeting individual superdelegates," said MoveOn Washington Director Ben Wikler. "Asking individual members of Congress and governors and other superdelegates to individually make a pledge to support the will of the voters when it comes time to count their votes."

A second petition by three progressive groups asks superdelegates to "announce that in the event of a close race, you’ll align yourself with regular voters - not party elites." That petition, which grew by 10,000 signatures between Friday and Sunday, had 171,010 signatures Sunday, with a stated goal of 175,000.

This will not end well for the Democratic Party.  Superdelegates have a long and sordid history, and there is a lot of money behind them.  Keep agitating, kids.  And then when you get screwed, stay home in November.  That’ll teach ’em!

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