Salon Scolds Man for Being as Dumb as a Feminist

In a 2/17 article in, Amanda Marcotte upbraided a gentleman, whose sobriquet is Killer Mike, for saying of Hillary Clinton, “A uterus doesn’t qualify you to be president of the United States.” Miss Amanda denounced Mr. Killer's remark as sexist cruelty:

It’s really a double-edged sword of sexist cruelty, both reducing Clinton to her gender and insulting the intelligence of the woman on the receiving end of this slur by assuming that she, being some dumb broad, just mechanically sees another lady and goes, “Me vote lady!”

Killer Mike is a noted campaigner and advisor for Bernie Sanders. KM's oeuvre may be uneven in its chivalry, including hits such as “F*ck You Pay Me” and the memorable ballad, “The Next Bitch.” But regarding his statement about Hillary's candidacy, the only offense Killer Mike committed was uttering feminist cant while being male.

For 60 years the central focus of feminism has been the desacralization of the female body, and especially of female sex and sexuality. The obsessive purpose of feminism is to defeat the Judeo-Christian belief that a woman's body is a temple of God and to replace it with the legalistic entitlement to view her body as her own tool and her own toy. This was accomplished with a half century of vagina-diatribes and dysnomers: womb became uterus; conception became fertilization; a baby became a disposable clump of cells called a "reproduction". And that is mainstream feminism. Radical feminism is affirmatively obscene. Indeed, by saying don't vote for the uterus rather than don't vote for the bitch, Killer Mike ascends to what mainstream feminism considers statesmanlike discourse.

Marcotte says Killer Mike's statement is a slur because it assumes a stupid female voter “sees another lady and goes, ‘Me vote lady!’” That's no lady, that's Bill Clinton's wife, ba-da-boom! The truth is, Hillary Clinton constantly refers to her sex rather than her accomplishments. Hillary had first purchase rights on her New York senate seat as part of her husband's retirement package, but she never campaigns on her achievements as a senator. Guided by the maxim about keeping your enemies closer, Obama made her secretary of state, but Hillary doesn't campaign on her achievements in the highest cabinet post. She deflects every question about her record by intoning the holy trinity of racism-sexism-LGBT. Unless she starts campaigning as openly gay, her candidacy is founded upon ism #2. It is an echo delusion, that electing a woman president will eradicate inequalities or even differences among men and women. To punctuate that premise, Hillary's bosom-friend Madeleine Albright just warned about a special place in hell for women who don't vote left-wing lady.

Miss Marcotte attacks the “dumb swipe” of “Me vote lady” in writing: “Surely the vagina-accusing masses realize that Clinton supporters do not, for instance, support female politicians like Sarah Palin or Carly Fiorina.” Are there masses on the march making accusations about candidates’ private parts? Beyond her verbal contortion, by asserting that not a single supporter of Hillary Clinton might see value in the candidacy of Carly Fiorina, what Amanda Marcotte is really saying is that all Hillary supporters are mindless abortionbots. Amanda would know.

How nice it must be to live in adolescent back-to-the-past Salonland. How pleasant to auto-stimulate one's social justice vanity, protected by a narcissistic time capsule, floating above the struggles of real people. In 2016, racism-sexism-LGBT is a pimple on the nose of America compared to the real afflictions overwhelming the nation and her people. In truth, the political process has done all it can regarding the inevitable strife which develops among groups of people. The work now lies between each American's conscience and God.

Just as Obama's bitter ideology worsened race relations, black-on-black crime, and the conditions of life for African-Americans, Marcotte's feminist ideology regarding the significance and possibilities of women’s lives is also incurably dehumanizing. Maybe Killer Mike isn't so dumb after all.