No matter what...Hillary gets the delegates!

Do the Democrats think we are this stupid?  I guess so!  You win a caucus by coin flips, get blown out in a primary, but you are on your way to win the nomination.

It reminds me of watching the Mexico 1988 presidential results with friends and business colleagues.  It was very intense, and the ruling party was losing all over the country.  Suddenly, the computers broke down at the Electoral Commission.  A few hours later, the computers came back on, and the ruling party won a majority of the vote!

According to news reports, Hillary Clinton leads Senator Sanders in the delegate count:

In the battle for primary votes, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are locked in a tight battle.

But you wouldn't know it to look at the superdelegates. In the unseen battle for these party insiders, Clinton has an overwhelming lead. Of the 712 Democratic superdelegates, 449 (or about 63 percent) currently support Clinton, according to the latest Associated Press survey of superdelegates. Only 19 support Sanders. (AP did not reach 62 superdelegates, and 182 remained uncommitted or undecided.)

It's stuff like this, as well as Sanders's refusal to talk about the emails, that makes me wonder just how serious he is about winning.

First, how does he explain to his supporters?  They lose six coin flips in Iowa and then win 60-40% in New Hampshire but have little to show for it.  Why isn't Senator "everything is rigged" Sanders screaming about this?  

Second, what does this say about the Clinton campaign?  It tells me that they bought every insurance policy under the sun to protect her from any repeat of 2008.  

There is something smelly about a nomination process that is so stacked for one candidate.  In fact, it is so one-sided that we should call it not a nomination, but rather a de facto coronation Broadway play with a full cast of characters: the Queen in waiting, her court jester husband speaking to empty seats, plus a bunch of 65-something feminists who have not had this much fun since Helen Reddy sang "I am woman hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore..."

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