NH feeling the Bern with 24 hours to go

With less than 24 hours to go before the voting begins in New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation primary, Bernie Sanders remains comfortably ahead of Hillary Clinton, making any comeback a remote possibility while the GOP appears about ready to get Trumped.

The UMass/7News tracking poll shows Sanders ahead by 16 points.  Unless the polls are completely goofy, Sanders appears ready to score a huge victory and eliminate the sense of inevitability and invulnerability of Hillary Clinton.

Meanwhile, the battle among Republicans is for second place, as Donald Trump bests all comers by 21 points.

Donald Trump stays in the top spot, with 34%, after dropping two points overnight..

Then, a tie for second--at 13%--after Marco Rubio lost a point, and there was no change in Ted Cruz's support. 

John Kasich and Jeb Bush also are now tied, at 10%. Kasich gained one point...While Bush held steady.

In the back of the GOP pack:

Chris Christie gained a point, and is now at 5%; Carly Fiorina stays at four, and Ben Carson is stuck on three.

And look at this number:  Nine percent of Republican primary voters are undecided the day before polls open.

The tracking poll gives you the picture: Donald Trump, alone on top.  
Then the cluster of Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, and Bush.

All four of them are in the hunt for second and third place.

Who'll decide the Republican race?

The voters who are still undecided..

The ARG tracking poll shows Trump ahead with 30% while Kasich and Rubio tie for second with 16%.  The ARG survey also shows 9% undecided, which, considering there may be a record turnout tommorrow, could mean that second place is not out of the question for any candidate in double digits.

At the very least, Rubio's poor debate performance stopped whatever momentum he had going into the weekend.  Whatever hope he had of overtaking Trump died on that stage on Friday night.

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