Musical comedy 'Killing Republicans' set to open in April

Remember that leftist wet dream film Death of a President, where the assassination of George W. Bush was imagined?  Not to be outdone by the film industry, live theater is about to get its own anti-Republican treatment.

"Killing Republicans" is a new musical set to open off Broadway in April.  The title alone is off-putting.  And although it's not about murdering modern GOP politicians, the synopsis doesn't sound much better.

New York Daily News:

“I wanted to explore why the Republican party, champions of blacks’ lives under Abraham Lincoln, has now completely flipped now,” said writer and lyricist Dick Zigun.

Told in a mix of punk rock and thrash metal music composed by Cristian Amigo, the show takes place in the first class cabin of a transatlantic flight. Three passengers including actress Jodie Foster, a Nigerian pop singer and a rockabilly oil foreman from Biloxi “have drinks, talk politics and sing about the history of assassination attempts on Republicans.”

There’s plenty to discuss. Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield and William McKinley were assassinated — and attempts were made on Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford. Senator Charles Sumner was caned within a few inches of death. And there’s more.

Comparisons to Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman’s musical “Assassins,” which covers the same terrain, are inevitable. Zigun notes that his show is “specifically about Republicans.”

Zigun name-checks Sondheim in the song “Why Me?” which takes its title from an essay Foster wrote in Esquire after John Hinckley, Jr., tried to kill Reagan to impress her. Director Terry O’Reilly, of Mabou Mines, has yet to cast the Foster role. Zigun doesn’t expect the two-time Oscar winner to play herself.

What could go wrong?

You can bet there will be plenty of snide comments about those racist, bigoted Republicans and how crazy they are.  But really, the play does not sound like a hit.  It's far too static, being set in a passenger plane.  Where are the showgirls going to dance?

The world of artsy-fartsy liberals who spend their time thinking up clever ways to savage their opponents must be a dull place, indeed, if the best they can do is "Killing Republicans."