Let’s Make Trump Great Again

Trump says he admires America, but if you listen closely, you realize he admires Trump.

He will build a big, beautiful wall only he can build, and with a big beautiful door through which immigrants can enter -- after he deports them. That way, they come back in “legally.” This is narcissism on parade. Come across the border now, you’re an illegal loser. Come through the Trump Doorway and I’ll love you.

Healthcare premiums are through the roof because Trump is not yet in charge of healthcare, not because of government overreach. With TrumpCare, women, children and poor people will love Trump. No one will be better than Trump for healthcare.

Not specific enough for you? Sean Hannity asked him about his healthcare plan. Trump replied, “ One of the things that Obama almost did which was actually good, but then the insurance companies got to him, and by the way, I don’t take money from corporations …” And he proceeded on a tangent about how great Trump self-financing is.

Big Pharma ripping you off? Trump will come to the rescue. Obama can’t reign in Big Pharma. Only Trump can. A friend in New York told him we don’t competitive bid. Trump will competitive bid. Now, for the first time, with Trump as President, government will competitive bid.

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process broken? Only Trump can do the deal. No one else. It wouldn’t be right for Trump to take sides, because what’s important is that Trump does the deal, probably the hardest deal to do in the world. Only losers take sides. If Trump can do this deal, he can do any deal.

Nervous he might not support Israel? Nonsense. Trump was Grand Marshal of the 5th Avenue Parade, and it took bravery to do that, but then Trump is brave. Sean Hannity interviewed him in 2011:

Hannity: If the Israelis, if you're president, the Israelis see the need that they, for their national security, gotta take (Iran's nuclear facilities) out, would you support them, and do you think it's in our best, geographical, political interest to do so?

Trump: Well, first of all, I was the Grand Marshal of the Israeli Day Parade 10 years ago when, believe me, it was dangerous, because there was a little war going on and a lot of problems and I walked down Fifth Avenue. And Jewish friends of mine still remember that day. I have a park named after me in Israel that I donated. And I'm a big fan of Israel.

The Trump White House will be guided by whatever makes Trump look good on the front page of the New York Times.

He'll be a winner. Everyone else will be a loser.