Latest batch of emails reveal Hillary pushed for disastrous Libya intervention

Now that Libya has become a base for ISIS and a source of refugees overwhelming Europe, Hillary Clinton is attempting to pretend that she had little to do with it, even though she was secretary of state. And the deaths of four Americans including our ambassador are a topic that reveals you to be a conspiracy theorist if you dare mention it.

But the latest batch of emails released by the State Department on Friday tell a tale far different from what Hillary would prefer. Sarah Westwood reports at the Washington Examiner:

…in one exchange from October 2011, Clinton's aides discussed an upcoming article titled "Clinton's key role in Libya conflict" that indicated Clinton personally persuaded President Obama to approve the use of military force to overthrow Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.

The conversation between Philippe Reines, a longtime Clinton spokesman, and aides Jake Sullivan and Cheryl Mills was partially redacted by the State Department.

"Clinton, ignoring the advice of the State Department's lawyers, convinced Obama to grant full diplomatic recognition to the rebels," read an excerpt from the unpublished Washington Post story Reines sent to Clinton in 2011.

The story indicated Clinton actively sought to "secure crucial backing from Arab countries" before stepping into the civil conflict.

This is totally at odds with the storyn Clinton is telling now:

…when pressed on the issue in the first Democratic debate last year, Clinton defended the intervention by arguing European allies were "blowing up the phone lines begging us to help them" and that the U.S. "had the Arabs standing by our side saying, 'we want you to help us deal with Gadhafi.' "

So she was an architect of the disaster and now is lying about her role in it.

… emails made public over the course of the past nine months have painted a picture of a secretary of state eager to take credit for her "leadership" and "ownership" of the Libyan engagement.

Hillary’s sole selling point is her “experience,” but we seem to experience disaster when she is calling the shots.