Imam John Kerry pronounces ISIS members ‘apostates’ of Islam

Secretary of State John Kerry is making a laughingstock of himself (again) with his pretension of religious authority on the doctrines of Islam.  Philip Devoe of the Daily Caller writes:

At a conference of coalition members tasked with fighting ISIS in Rome yesterday, Secretary of State John Kerry said members of the terrorist organization are not Muslims but apostates of Islam.

“Daesh [ISIS] is in fact nothing more than a mixture of killers, of kidnappers, of criminals, of thugs, of adventurers, of smugglers and thieves,” Kerry said. “And they are also above all apostates, people who have hijacked a great religion and lie about its real meaning and lie about its purpose and deceive people in order to fight for their purposes.”

I doubt that there is a single Muslim in the world who accepts Kerry as an authority on apostasy from the faith.  In fact, quite obviously, his remarks are aimed at non-Muslims, especially those who have never read the Koran, which is repeatedly cited by ISIS as the basis of its claims to be the authentic source of the caliphate.  And, as Devoe notes, ISIS itself:

… has justified its attacks on other Muslims by claiming the victims were apostates themselves, which suggests ISIS militants are active participants in the Muslim faith.

This line by Kerry has been tried before, and it worked only on ignorant infidels:

This is not the first time Kerry has referred to ISIS as apostate. At the Saban Forum in December, Kerry said the terrorist organization is “a mixture of killers and kidnappers, smugglers, thieves, and apostates who have hijacked a religion and combined a medieval thinking with modern weapons to wage an especially savage brand of war.”

But Kerry pretends his views outrank those of:

Cairo’s Al-Azhar, the world’s preeminent authority on the Sunni branch of Islam, [which] has refused to call ISIS an apostate group, since ISIS fighters do believe and practice Islam[.]

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