Hillary’s server: what we already know

There are many things we know about Hillary’s private server:

It was obvious from day one that a Secretary of State would send or receive thousands of classified and sensitive documents during their term of office. Therefore Hillary was lying when she said she didn’t send or receive one. I have not seen one reporter ask her the simple question of how did she send or receive them. Instead they all ask her the meaningless question of is she sorry?

We know that Hillary tried to wipe her server clean;

We know that she deleted over 30,000 emails that the State Department didn’t review;

We know that the server enabled her to circumvent FOIA requests;

We know that Hillary specifically gave instructions to someone to take off a classified marking so an email could go through;

We know that many people at the Defense Department, State Department, CIA and White House knew that she only used a private server since 2009;

We know that the President sent her at least 18 emails even though he said he didn’t know;

We know that John Kerry, when he was Senator, sent her classified information from a non-secure server to her non-secure server;

We know that there was no Inspector General at the State Department, which gave Hillary free rein without oversight;

We know that the State Department has slow walked FOIA requests and requests for documents from Congress;

We know that it is a violation of law to send classified documents to a non-secure server so anyone who sent documents to Hillary also violated the law;

Now we are treated to Hillary blaming a right wing conspiracy for the information coming out during the Presidential election. She partially gets away with this because much of the media has presented it as a partisan issue and very few Democrats have shown any interest at all in our security.

Why haven’t Pelosi, Durbin and Reid been asked if they think it is a threat to our security if a non-secure server contains so many classified documents and if sending classified documents to or from a classified server is a violation of the law.

We also know that Hillary supporters can’t cite actual accomplishments as SoS and that she is saying she will go around Congress more than Obama does.

The two most important traits of a politician are honesty and good character. Hillary and Bill have neither and they surround themselves with others who seem to care little about honesty.