Hillary is in trouble when Limbaugh and Dowd agree

A week ago, Rush Limbaugh said that the feminists made a pact with the devil when they unconditionally supported President Clinton in the late 1990s.  Let me paraphrase Limbaugh by saying that the feminists were all for Clinton because of Roe v Wade.

Who would have believed that Limbaugh has a soulmate on the topic?

Maureen Dowd said the same thing on Sunday:

When it was politically beneficial, the feminists went after Thomas for bad behavior and painted Hill as a victim. And later, when it was politically beneficial, they defended Bill’s bad behavior and stayed mute as Clinton allies mauled his dalliances as trailer trash and stalkers.

The same feminists who were outraged at the portrayal of Hill by David Brock -- then a Clinton foe but now bizarrely head of one of her “super PACs” -- as “a little bit nutty and a little bit slutty,” hypocritically went along when Hillary and other defenders of Bill used that same aspersion against Lewinsky.

Hillary knew that she could count on the complicity of feminist leaders and Democratic women in Congress who liked Bill’s progressive policies on women. 

And that’s always the ugly Faustian bargain with the Clintons, not only on the sex cover-ups but the money grabs: You can have our bright public service side as long as you accept our dark sketchy side.
Young women today, though, are playing by a different set of rules. And they don’t like the Clintons setting themselves above the rules.

Well done, Maureen.

I cannot speak for the thousands of young women who voted for Sanders in New Hampshire or Iowa.  My guess is that they voted for Sanders for two big reasons:

1) They think that Hillary Clinton is a phony, from the Iraq war to same-sex marriage to lots of other positions.  Question: What does this woman believe?  The answer is nothing!

2) Bernie Sanders is telling the truth about the Obama economy, from the 5% unemployment rate to Obamacare, which has has left millions uninsured.   

By the way, this latter point is one that the media is not bringing up.  I don't know if they are missing it or refusing to hear it.

Let's see what happens in South Carolina.  Maybe Clinton will win, but the bleeding will continue for a while!  She is a flawed candidate – and I did not mention the emails controversy.

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