EPA wants to force Volkswagen to build electric cars in US

In settlement talks with the German auto maker Volkswagen over their cheating on emissions tests by including a gadget that could fool the government, the EPA is trying to force the company to subsidize the American electric car industry to "atone" for its sins.

Washington Times:

According to the report Sunday, the EPA wants VW, the world’s largest automaker by some measures, to produce electric cars at its U.S. manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, Tenn. It also is using settlement talks with the German giant, to get help in building a network of charging stations throughout the U.S. — the main practical problem with electric cars, given their short range.

The German report did not specify its sources, according to multiple accounts in the English-language press.

“Talks with the EPA are ongoing and we are not commenting on the contents and state of the negotiations,” a spokesman for Volkswagen said. EPA refused to comment to Welt am Sonntag.

Whether the report is accurate or not isn't the point.  The point is, it's entirely believable.  Perhaps more than any other agency in government besides the IRS, the EPA loves to throw its weight around, threatening and bullying companies large and small.  How many individual lives have been ruined by this agency's arrogance and disregard for procedures and the law?

No doubt, what Volkswagen did is despicable.  It sought an unfair competitive advantage over its rivals by thumbing its nose at the law.  Punishment should be severe, and the company should be forced to make changes to the engines in every auto and truck that is in violation of emissions standards.

But the EPA has no business forcing the company to subsidize the American electric car industry, which can't sell the American people on its underpowered, overpriced lemons.

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