'El Papa' embraces Raul Castro but calls Donald Trump anti-Christian!

Last Sunday, Pope Francis was in Mexico visiting sick children in hospitals.  It was amazing to watch him holding the little kids and praying with their mothers.  As a Catholic, I was so proud of "El Papa."

That was El Papa being El Papa, or the religious leader of my faith.  He was reaching out to kids and their mothers and giving them some hope.

As he left Mexico, Pope Francis made a terrible mistake by saying that Donald Trump is not a Christian.  I am not sure if he was answering a question or speaking at a meeting.  He had finished a Mass on the El Paso-Ciudad Juarez border.  

First, El Papa should stay away from presidential elections, here, there, and everywhere.  

Second, the Vatican is one gigantic place surrounded by walls.  

Third, is a border now un-Christian?  How did we get to the point that defending borders and promoting legal immigration is now inhumane?

Fourth, El Papa has given Mr. Trump a huge gift.  I am not a Trump supporter, but I believe that the U.S. has every right to protect and defend its borders.  I don't know whether building a wall from Laredo to San Diego is the best answer.  However, it may work in some isolated regions currently used by cartels to bring drugs and people.

Last, but not least, El Papa just visited Cuba.  He hugged and embraced Raúl Castro, a man who has executed priests, harassed religious leaders, and closed Christian schools years ago.  Did he call the Castro brothers un-Christian?

Pope Francis is a good man, but he needs a few people around him to protect him from himself.

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