Dear President Obama: Don't turn into Raul's new North American 'amigo'

President Obama will be visiting Cuba in March.   I guess he needs to go to a place where people will be happy to see him.   Frankly, there aren't too many of those places left in the U.S.: his job approval is 45% in the RCP average of polls.  A whopping 63% believe that the country is on the wrong track.  Only 38% approve of how he is handling foreign policy. So let's go to Havana and let Raúl Castro stage a nice welcome party.  He will close the government offices and fill the streets with Cubans. Let's hope President Obama finally calls for change in Cuba rather than play the role of Raúl's new American friend.  He will be speaking to a skeptical Cuban audience who thought that "los Americanos" would bring prosperity and change.  So far, the only thing most Cubans have seen is repression and more of it. He should start by calling for multi-party elections in Cuba.  As Roger Noriega...(Read Full Post)