Congressman outraged that the administration swept IRS hack under the rug

In December, identity theives tried to work their way into the IRS computers to expose sensitive taxpayer information. They failed, but not until after they had used half a million stolen social security numbers to generate more than 100,000 PIN numbers. No taxpayer information fell into their hands, but it was a close call. But the administration is only now getting around to informing Congress. On Tuesday, the IRS announced the hack, causing one Congressman to harshly criticize the agency and administration for not keeping congress informed of attacks on our cyber infrastructure. The Hill: The breach occurred in December. According to a Tuesday statement revealing the incident, the attack has been halted and no personal taxpayer information was exposed during the attempted hack. “It’s no coincidence that on President Obama’s watch, two federal agencies within the past year have suffered large-scale and inexcusable breaches in security,” Daines...(Read Full Post)