Chef removes foie gras from Valentine's Day menu after getting death threats from vegans

A chef in the United Kingdom was forced to remove the delicacy foie gras from his Valentine's Day menu after death threats from animal activists and vegans.


The chef at Kings Arms at Fleggburgh opted out of serving the decadent dish during Valentine’s Day dinner this weekend after being subjected to “harassment” by activists who threatened to protest the menu, the Guardian reports. Foie gras is traditionally made by force feeding geese until their liver becomes enlarged.

Mark Dixon, an award winning chef, posted the Valentine’s Day menu on Facebook in January. For 50 pounds per person, diners could indulge in a specialty tasting menu that included vodka cured salmon and grilled halibut. Also on the menu, foie gras and chicken liver parfait which drew the ire of activists. Soon after the menu was posted, the restaurant was reportedly bombarded with phone calls, threats, and fake reservations.

“We have listened to every opinion but when people go as far as ringing our staff, constantly, calling them murderers and death threats we class this as harassment and also inhumane to humans on the vegans behalf, and completely disgusting and unacceptable,” reads a Kings Arms Facebook post. “To stop this unfair behaviour on our staff we have decided to remove the Foie Gras from the menu and apologise to all of our customers who enjoy our parfait dish.”

There are two sides to the debate over the productionn of foie gras, but the bottom line is that it's legal and approved by the FDA.  You are perfectly free to protest what some consider cruelty to animals, but why force others to adopt your point of view by preventing them from enjoying the delicacy? 

Animal rights activists are the most annoying moralists in the lefty universe.  Their arrogance is insufferable, and many of their actions, such as throwing paint on women who wear furs, are unconscionable.  Almost all of the meat and meat by products we eat are produced by animals bred for that purpose.  There may be ways to make the lives of those animals more bearable until we slaughter them.  But it's illogical and extreme to oppose eating them when humans domesticated and bred these animals for our consumption.

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