Beyonce, why don't you think black lives matter?

To the delight of many curvy women, Beyonce proudly displayed her linebacker thighs and ample rear end during her halftime Super Bowl performance last Sunday.  However, at the same time, to the dismay of many victims, including perhaps many blacks, Beyonce dangerously displayed her political correctness, her callousness, her ignorance of life in many black neighborhoods, and her willingness to exploit black deaths and misery for her own profit while increasing her own public relations visibility with her new song and accompanying video.

But the headlines in Chicago's papers on Super Bowl Sunday screamed another reality to Beyonce's fantasy, as they do every day: blacks shooting and often killing other blacks, leaving heartbroken family and friends to mourn.  

9 hurt in separate shootings

Monday, beyond Beyonce's fancy Super Bowl footwork and imagery, once again, deadly reality intruded.

1 dead, 10 injured in Chicago shootings

St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, Memphis and other urban areas reported similar incidents.  None of these shootings was police-related; the overwhelming majority involved young black males shooting other black males.  And so the Reverends Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton plus the other usual "community activists" uttered not a word of protest about this daily slaughter.  After all, there’s no money in it for them, no one to shake down. 

Basking in her performance compliments and notoriety, Beyonce also remained silent.  But her video (and no, I won't link to it), with its glimpse of the infamous graffiti  "Stop shooting us" (referring to police), has already garnered over a million views on YouTube and is selling well.

And for her, isn't that what really matters?  Not black lives.