American flag desecrated at Hillary campaign rally

Sometimes it’s the little things that tell you the most.  To call the photo tweeted out last night by the Washington Post’s Post Politics Twitter feed “disturbing” is an understatement; some would call it an outrage, or even desecration.  But Post Politics played it deadpan:

Hillary would have done well to pay attention to the way the American flag is treated at military funerals.  But remembering the way she was busy lying to the families of the survivors of Benghazi at the ceremony when their bodies were brought home, it is evident that desecration means nothing to her.  Tell her that brave men and women died for that flag, and she will think not of honor, but of political cover.

Hillary’s campaign is rumored to be heading for a shakeup.  In the wake of her crushing humiliation at the hands of Bernie Sanders last night, she might well consider an earthquake.  Perhaps a mandatory consciousness-raising session on flag etiquette is in order.  But the fundamental problem goes deeper than the staff, and deeper than attitudes toward the flag.

Hat tips: Lauri Regan and The American Mirror

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