You too can be as smart as a Nobel Prize winner

When evaluating Obama’s statements regarding the economy, Nobel Prize Winning Economist and Self-Professed Smarter Than Everyone Else Liberal Hack Dr. Paul Krugman said in his New York Times blog, “[J]ob growth since ObamaCare went into full effect has been the fastest since the 1990s.”  To that I have to ask a stupid question: what does job growth have to do with the ACA?  I don’t remember it being sold as a job creator.  And what happened prior to your cherry-picked starting date of 1990? Sure, opponents of Obamacare predicted job losses as a result, but who’s to say those losses didn’t happen?  The BLS figures Dr. K surely draws on when backing up his statement include millions of jobs of all kinds and durations boiled down into a simple sludge of a number.  Maybe without Obamacare those jobs would have been high-paying, more numerous, benefits-rich jobs like what we saw during Reagan’s recovery prior to 1990,...(Read Full Post)