Why does opposition to political correctness require defense?

Imagine, if you will, a world in which truth no longer exists.  A world in which lies have become facts, and the truth has become radical.

I’m not channeling Rod Serling; I’m describing America today.  Here’s an example.

In an effort to describe Donald Trump’s appeal to Americans who oppose political correctness, William A. Gaston of the Brookings Institute, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, said, “Allegations of racism and sexism have turned into powerful silencing devices.”

 “You can be opposed to affirmative action without being a racist,” Gaston continued.

[Gasp!]  Can we?  Can we, really?

In reality, you can support affirmative action only if you are a stalwart, ideological, and otherwise unthinking racist of the most bigoted bent.

If you support affirmative action, then you support individuals, who would otherwise be considered less qualified, earning coveted positions of employment over more qualified individuals due to nothing more than the color of their skin.  This, friends, is racism in a pure form.  Perhaps its purest form.

And yet my saying so requires defense?

Okay, I will channel Serling.

Only here could it happen, in a little place on the other side of reason – otherwise known as the Twilight Zone.