Where are the men of Germany?

A 16-year-old German girl is more articulate and honest than most adults on the matter of the Muslim invasion and the transformation of Europe.  Bibi Wilhailm has just made an extraordinary 20-minute video that I urge every reader to watch.  In it she expresses her terror as she faces tectonic shifts in Germany’s cultural landscape.  She makes stark and accurate observations while also sharing personal stories that highlight the nightmare that is now life in Germany.  She speaks with unabashed clarity, best summed up by her own statement: “It’s really a sad truth.”   Like many of us, she struggles to make sense of what is happening – how the German government would admit throngs of people who behave in violent and threatening ways, how the police don’t seem to care, while also begging German men to step up to the plate to protect women and girls. She states that her once beautiful Germany (and the rest of...(Read Full Post)