Where are the men of Germany?

A 16-year-old German girl is more articulate and honest than most adults on the matter of the Muslim invasion and the transformation of Europe.  Bibi Wilhailm has just made an extraordinary 20-minute video that I urge every reader to watch.  In it she expresses her terror as she faces tectonic shifts in Germany’s cultural landscape.  She makes stark and accurate observations while also sharing personal stories that highlight the nightmare that is now life in Germany.  She speaks with unabashed clarity, best summed up by her own statement: “It’s really a sad truth.”


Like many of us, she struggles to make sense of what is happening  how the German government would admit throngs of people who behave in violent and threatening ways, how the police don’t seem to care, while also begging German men to step up to the plate to protect women and girls.

She states that her once beautiful Germany (and the rest of Europe) has been ruined.

She wonders how a person can be a guest in a country and behave in such a violent way and wonders why Germany is not doing anything about it.  She wonders why “immigrants” chanting on the streets of German cities their intention to kill Germans are not deported.  She states a theme repeated throughout the video: she cannot understand it.

How blind do you have to be that you don’t notice that there will soon be a war?

She says she does not want to live in a world like this and that she is “truly speechless.”

She reflects on Islamic supremacy, wondering why Muslims push Allah on everyone else and can’t let people believe what they want.

She notes how the media covers demonstrations in Germany against immigration but are silent about the havoc “migrants” are wreaking across the country.

She mocks the recommendation the mayor of Cologne made for women to keep an arm’s length between themselves and strangers, stating: “Who [s***] in your brains?”  She continues: “Do you really think when someone attacks you, you do this [gestures by extending her arm]?  That’s the solution.  Yes.  OK.  I wanted to rape you, but you stretched out your arm.  I can’t do it anymore.  Bummer.”

She imagines how “migrants” must be laughing at how stupid Germans are, while noting that the entire German government is also laughing because they don’t take their citizens seriously when they say they are scared.  Her desperation is palpable as she implores listeners for help while observing the government dragging the country down farther and farther.

About a third of the way through the video, she makes a desperate plea, one first directed to the men of Germany and then to politicians:

Protect your children and women. ... We need this protection.  We are really afraid to go out.  Protect them.  Be there for them, and don’t let them go out alone.  Like shopping when it’s already dark.  We are afraid.  It’s a cry for help, and you still don’t do anything.  You politicians sit there in your mansions, slurp your cocktails, and do nothing.  I don’t know in what world you are living, but people are afraid.  Please, finally help us.  It can’t go on like this.  Please do something.  I really can’t understand this anymore. ... I am, we are all very frightened.  Please, please, please do something.

She shares many stories of her experiences and those of people she knows, including an experience of a Muslim who verbally degraded her because she was wearing a tee-shirt.  She says: “People, we are in Germany.  Yes, I wear a tee-shirt.  I will not wear a headscarf.  I will not mummify myself.”  She continues, as if speaking to the barbarians directly, telling them they have no right to insult, to grope, to touch, to sexually assault, to rape German girls because of what they wear.

She notes that the German government has abandoned its people and that “sometime the German citizens will take the matter into their own hands,” adding, “believe me, that won’t be funny.”

Near the end of the video, she wonders if Germany still has a chance to survive, if it can “regenerate from this big crisis.”  She makes a plea to everyone listening not to give up on Germany.  She urges every German citizen to pour into the streets for peaceful demonstrations.  And she begs people to do it for their women and children.

She hopes the government will change its immigration policy and wonders what is wrong with Merkel, questioning her state of mind while making a general comment that things aren’t “normal anymore.”  She calls Merkel out for playing with “the German psyche” and doubts that Merkel even knows what she’s doing.

She hopes her video will have an impact, thanks people for watching it, and makes a final plea: “Protect the women and us girls because it is a cry for help that everybody ignores right now.”

She hopes something changes for the better soon, “because nobody wants to live in such a world. ... Protect us.”

To say the video is heartbreaking would be a vast understatement.  This young woman has stated what so many are thinking and feeling.  And she has done so with incredible clarity.  And bravery.  She has summed up the situation, posed the questions so many have, and ultimately begs for help in this mad, mad crisis that was all unavoidable and is entirely inexplicable.

My heart goes out to this girl, and to every single human being feeling the weight of Islamic supremacy fall upon him and his country – falling that much faster because the country will not protect and defend itself.  We are all somewhere on that curve right now with no end in sight.

May God help us all.  And with a special prayer for Bibi Wilhailm, that He keep her safe.  And may her urgent pleas be answered.

Hat tip: TheBlaze

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