Weekly round up from the religion of horrors

Israelis live under constant threat of attacks that can occur anywhere, anytime, any way – from suicide bombings to stabbings to being run over with cars. (And this doesn’t even address the threat of large-scale attacks that loom on the horizon.)

The West has had the relative luxury of looking at Israel from afar and feeling a sense of how different life is here, compared to there. But times are changing as evil gains ground. Westerners can no longer cast their eyes to Israel and sense a great divide between us and them anymore. The Israeli reality has become the West’s reality as we face increasing terror attacks that crop up anywhere, anytime, any way.

These events are no longer occasional (though that would be bad enough). They’re not even every month or two (though that would be bad enough). Jihad has become a daily reality. Here is a sampling from just last week of some of the horror that the religion of horrors served up.

Bavaria:  A group of Nigerian “refugee” women attacked a refugee center worker, attempting to strangle him while they held their babies in front as human shields so the man would not fight back. (here)

Brussels:  Muslim adolescent boys sexually assaulted a teenage girl on a train. (here)

Denmark:  A 15-year-old convert to Islam was arrested for possessing explosives. (here)

Canada:  Two Muslims attempted to shoot up a nightclub full of people. A Muslim serial rapist was arrested after having raped at least ten teenage girls. (here, here, and here)

Germany:  Three Muslim teenagers stoned two “transgender” people. (There really is no such thing as a “transgender” person, but for the sake of this report, the term is being used.) The attackers were apprehended and told the police: “such persons must be stoned.” Teenage girls were sexually assaulted and raped by “Syrian migrants” at a swimming pool. A Muslim man kicked a woman in her face and broke her cheekbone while attempting to rape her. Christians continued to be targeted by Muslims at asylum centers. (here, here, here, and here)

France:  A Muslim teenager attacked a Jewish teacher with a machete and a knife, stating that he was acting in allegiance with the Islamic State. (Life for Jews in France has become so perilous that Jewish men are being urged not to wear yarmulkes in public.) Women continued to come forward to report sexual assaults from New Year’s eve. (here, here, and here)


(Cologne, before and after)

Norway:  A three-year-old boy was raped at an asylum center, likely by several assailants. (here)

Switzerland:  A Swiss convert to Islam attempted to travel to Syria with her four-year-old son to join the Islamic State. (here)

Sweden:  A former member of the Taliban ranted and raved on a bus, stating he feels vengeance in his heart, he would like to kill Swedes, and he could eat Swedes, among other threats. (here)

United Kingdom:  A Muslim woman stabbed a teenage boy on a bus. The boy’s grandmother intervened and the attacker fled the scene. As of this writing, she remains at large. (here)

United States:  Two people were arrested trying to join the Islamic State. An Iraqi refugee planned to join ISIS, but not before he planned to blow up malls in Houston, stating: “I am against America.” A Muslim man was indicted for joining al-Shabaab. It was discovered that the Muslim who attempted to execute a Philadelphia police officer was part of a terror cell. A Muslim man who is likely a terrorist attempted to extort a large sum of money from couple who tried to help him. (here, here, here, here, and here)

Note: This list is not exhaustive, does not include jihad attacks elsewhere around the world, creeping Sharia, daily acts of dhimmitude, the evil truth that is yet to be unearthed regarding Iran and our sailors, Guantanamo detainees who’ve been released, the Muslim Brotherhood advance, refugee resettlement (hijra), or attacks and threats we do not know about for any number of reasons,

As you read these words, jihadists are plotting and planning. What will next week hold?

Hat tips: Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, Religion of Peace, Creeping Sharia, Bare Naked Islam, Breitbart, Truth Revolt, Daily Mail, The Telegraphs, Express, Global News, Reuters, Fox News, NBC, and the Jerusalem Post

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