Trump unfavorable ratings among independents worst of any GOP candidate

One of Trump's strongest arguments for supporting him is that he can win.  "I'm always a winner!" he proclaims (he even proclaims it when he loses 75 million dollars!).  Unfortunately, Trump has the highest unfavorables among independents of any GOP candidate.  Trump's net unfavorable rating among independents is -27% – that is, 27% more independents dislike than like him. There is no way a Republican is going to win the White House without a majority of independent voters.  (By contrast, Ted Cruz is nearly even with independents.)  And it's not just this one poll. Most polls show Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump.  Twelve of the thirteen most recent polls shows Hillary beating Trump nationally, sometimes by as many as 11 points.  But wait, there's more: Hillary beats Trump in New Hampshire. Hillary beats Trump in Iowa. Hillary beats Trump in Michigan. Hillary beats Trump in...(Read Full Post)