The PC madness alive and well

According to Glenn Whipp, Hollywood is concerned that the Oscars will be "too white" this year:

The academy found itself on the defensive last year when white actors earned all 20 of the nominations in the lead and supporting categories. The topic came to define the Academy Awards so much that host Neil Patrick Harris opened the ceremony by quipping: "Tonight we honor Hollywood's best and whitest. Sorry, brightest."

Yet there's a strong chance this year's acting awards will once again be heavily, perhaps exclusively, white, despite the efforts of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to diversify the organization.

This is insane!    

Does anyone complain that most NBA players are black?  Or that MVP awards in sports go to one skin color or another?  Or that there are too many Canadians playing in the NHL?  Or Latin Caribbeans in baseball?

In fact, the NBA MVP has gone to a black player for 8 years in a row!   

Does anyone care that LeBron James, Tim Duncan, Derrick Rose, and others are black?  I certainly don't!  I do admire their incredible skills on the NBA floor!  This is why they win the MVP!

As for Hollywood, let me confess that I don't follow the industry closely.  I am one of those who watches a movie and does not care that much for this actor or that actress.   

Nevertheless, I assume that "talent" or "performance" goes into the selection of an Oscar.  Isn't that what these awards are supposed to be about?

This is what happens when everything is about skin color rather than character or talent in the case of actors.   

You can chalk it up to race hustlers who would rather talk about skin color than the state of black America in year 7 of our first black president.

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