The Islamic State's statistics and a tragedy

Ah, parental love for children and the reciprocal, deep love the children have for their parents.  And for many of the children of the Islamic State, IS not just a government, but their devoted parent, more important than the biological parents who bore them, raised them.  This was gruesomely proven when an ISIS member turned against his mother and cemented his bloody bond to IS by publicly killing her at their command.

And what of those "hundreds of people who witnessed the event?

Communist dictator Joseph Stalin reputedly stated that "a single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic."  That might explain why so many have become indifferent to this ongoing bloodletting by so many or shockingly why President Barack Hussein Obama (D) initially labelled them ""jv", junior varsity and led the BBC to note

It's the macabre twist of having Lena al-Qasem's son kill her that's captured the world's attention. 

A tragedy, not a statistic.

And now, because so many people have become numb to these latest anti American terrorists so tolerated by liberals and leftists, the Islamic State terrorists have already randomly slaughtered hundreds of thousands, terrorizing them just because, thus reducing their resistance or as mere collateral damage.  In addition: 

IS has killed many people for apostasy, just as it's murdered others for homosexuality or supposedly practising magic. ...

As the air onslaught on IS in Raqqa intensifies, there's recently been an apparent rise in the public murder of residents there for trying to tell the world what's happening or challenging the group's rule with their behaviour or desire to escape.

A young woman, Ruqia Hasan, was killed for writing about life under IS in the city, even as she tried to continue living as normally as possible.

Mere statistics.  Other than this, of course, the Islamic State, which has Islam in its name, is a government of peace based on a religion of peace.