The enemy that's out of sight

The threat of Islamic terror is constant.  Violence may erupt anywhere.  Unexpectedly.  That’s the nature of terror.  And it’s happening more and more, with less and less time between events.  Most recently, as AT readers know, a Philadelphia police officer was shot by a Muslim barbarian who pledged his allegiance to ISIS.  And now it appears he may be linked to a terror cell.  Reuters reports: Philadelphia police said on Sunday they were seriously pursuing a tip that the man suspected of shooting and wounding a police officer had ties to a group with “radical beliefs.” (snip) The Philadelphia Inquirer and television station NBC10 in Philadelphia quoted police sources on Sunday as saying that according to the tip-off Archer was associated with three other men and was not the most extreme of the group. The sources said police were warned the threat to them was not over, the two media outlets said. (snip) People who...(Read Full Post)