The enemy that's out of sight

The threat of Islamic terror is constant.  Violence may erupt anywhere.  Unexpectedly.  That’s the nature of terror.  And it’s happening more and more, with less and less time between events.  Most recently, as AT readers know, a Philadelphia police officer was shot by a Muslim barbarian who pledged his allegiance to ISIS.  And now it appears he may be linked to a terror cell.  Reuters reports:

Philadelphia police said on Sunday they were seriously pursuing a tip that the man suspected of shooting and wounding a police officer had ties to a group with “radical beliefs.” (snip)

The Philadelphia Inquirer and television station NBC10 in Philadelphia quoted police sources on Sunday as saying that according to the tip-off Archer was associated with three other men and was not the most extreme of the group. The sources said police were warned the threat to them was not over, the two media outlets said. (snip)

People who knew the gunman told Reuters he was a devout, quiet Muslim who became more “combative” after trips to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

This is deeply disturbing.

But perhaps more disturbing than this and other overt acts of Islamic terror is the insidious advance of the Muslim Brotherhood (M.B.) that has reached its deadly tentacles into every aspect of our society with the goal of “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ it’s miserable house by their hands … so … that God’s religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions.”

So as we witness the rise of Islamic terror here and around the world, the M.B. continues its stealth advance, grabbing territory in institutions and in people’s minds, including the minds of our children, who are being brainwashed thanks in large part to the powerful influence of the M.B. in our education system.

It was, therefore, with great interest that I listened to a recently released video of Daniel Greenfield speaking on the topic of the Muslim Brotherhood, and I wanted to share what he had to say.  (Greenfield is one of the finest minds and writers around.  His work can be found here and here.)

Greenfield’s 10-minute video presentation focuses on what he calls the “caliphate curve,” which he defines as “a measure of how fast Muslim groups seek to bring back the Caliphate.”  Where Islamic organizations fall on the curve “is not based on some delusion about how moderate or how extreme the group is, but based on how quickly … it seeks to achieve the caliphate.”

Greenfield notes that the speed with which a group seeks to bring back the caliphate determines its tactics.  But irrespective of the speed or tactic, the goal is the same.  The faster they want to bring the caliphate into the being, the more extreme their tactics will be, as evidenced by ISIS, which employs a shocking level of violence, because it works to expand the caliphate quickly.  Greenfield makes clear that the murders, rapes, and torture they inflict is the caliphate.

He suggests that the level of barbarity employed by ISIS “is not an aberration,” but is precisely what the caliphate has always looked like, dating back to the time of Mohammed, as he reminds listeners that barbaric practices are a norm in the Muslim world, even in modern times.

Speaking about the M.B., Greenfield asserts they aren’t more moderate than ISIS just because they kill fewer people.  In fact, he sees the M.B. as a far greater threat to us than ISIS.  And his point is well taken.

Greenfield notes that the M.B., like all Islamic organizations, wants to achieve the same thing (the caliphate) but uses tactics that advance more slowly than organizations like ISIS.  The MB works toward the goal “gradually, using modern, political methods.”  But whether you take the long road or the short one, all roads lead to the same place.  He notes that ISIS is doing now what it will take the M.B. 100 years to accomplish, but that “we are not at war with ISIS or with the M.B.  Rather, we are at war with everyone on the caliphate curve.”

He notes that there are no moderates on the caliphate curve, only some groups that are more patient than others.  The more patient groups (like the M.B.) do things like put up billboards, create hashtags, and influence elected officials, describing them as ISIS with a human face.  And he believes that this makes them much more dangerous.

Greenfield states, “ISIS is, in some ways, our least dangerous enemy.”  We could easily destroy ISIS, but we don’t because we won’t.  On the other hand, the M.B. is deeply embedded in a wide range of organizations in the West and wields enormous control.  Whereas ISIS controls areas in failed states like Syria and Iraq, the M.B. exercises control throughout the West, stating: “We could bomb Raqqa, but could we bomb Dearborn, Jersey City, or Irvine?  This is where the caliphate truly reaches its most terrifying potential.”

He speaks of ISIS’s desire to terrify us and notes that while eventually people will (and are) becoming desensitized to the horrors, their savagery has awakened many people who would otherwise be asleep.  On the other hand, the M.B. wants us to be asleep so it can sneak up on us, crawling forward steadily, without relent.  The M.B. doesn’t want us to understand what it’s doing until it’s too late.

Greenfield ends his monologue with this: “We are not at war with an organization, but are at war with an idea that Muslims are superior to non-Muslims. ... ISIS is the most naked expression of this idea, but it’s an idea that everyone on the caliphate curve accepts.  Until we defeat this racist idea, new Islamic groups will constantly keep arising animated by this vision of subjugating non-Muslims and ruling the world under Islamic law.  This is a position that is spread across the caliphate curve, and we are at war with the entire caliphate curve.  And it’s important to remember that.”

In my view, we will never defeat the idea of Islamic supremacy.  There are too many Muslims in the world, and so far the idea has withstood the test of time.  What we can do is protect ourselves from the people who follow its teachings.  And that means that we cannot afford to import more Muslims, that we must monitor activity in mosques across this country, that we must declare the M.B. a terror organization, shut down its front groups, and root them out of our institutions.  It means we must address the brainwashing of our children, who are being taught lies about Islam.  It means the media must be challenged at every turn.  It means elected officials and those running for office must educate themselves, speak out, and take urgent action.

It means we have much work to do because we’ve been living behind the curve for so long.

First and foremost, we must speak the truth.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs for linking to the Reuters report