Sweden rouses itself from a coma

Sweden just woke up. (Sort of.) Per a report at the Washington Post, Sweden has closed her doors to migrants. (Sort of.) Unfortunately, better-late-than-never may not apply in this case.

When the small, crumpled body of 3-year-old Alan Kurdi washed up on the Aegean coast Sept. 2, Europe’s humanitarian superpower sprang into action.

…a country that prides itself on doing the right thing seemed to rally as one to embrace refugees fleeing for their lives.

But after taking in more asylum seekers per capita than any other nation in Europe, Sweden’s welcome mat now lies in tatters…the center-left government is deploying extraordinary new border controls and slashing benefits in an unmistakable signal to refugees contemplating the long trek to Sweden in the new year: Stay out.

As heartbreaking as that little boy’s fate was, it was sickening that the photo was, and still is, so hyped when non-Muslims who die at the hands of Islamic terrorists hardly cause a ripple. Why doesn’t the world spring into action against Islamic supremacy as Christians, Jews, Hindus and other non-Muslims are beheaded, crucified, enslaved, tortured, burned alive, drowned, knifed, shot, raped, and crushed, among other unthinkable forms of evil? The urge to embrace the Muslim victim while ignoring the Muslim supremacist is as self-destructive as it gets.

As for Sweden’s pride in “doing the right thing,” I can only shake my head. Apparently national “pride” is dead and “doing the right thing” excludes self-preservation. As for the “unmistakable signal” to invaders to stay out, wouldn’t border security be more effective? Then again, in our brave new world border security has taken on an aura of some wild and crazy notion that only a lunatic would entertain. Go figure.

Meanwhile, Sweden’s idea of “stay out” isn’t as strong as it sounds. “Stay out” is weaker than taking measures to ensure people don’t get in. And then there’s this:

Instead of a permanent home in Sweden, new arrivals will be eligible only for a temporary stay of between one and three years, with the government vowing to accept no more than the minimum number of refugees required under European Union law. Rules for bringing family members to Sweden will become much tighter.

…The most tangible evidence of change, meanwhile, can already be seen in the ID checks aboard the trains, buses and ferries that connect Sweden with its southern neighbors, Denmark and Germany.

So Sweden will continue to admit colonizers and will allow them to stay for up to three years. Not exactly “stay out.” And good luck finding them and deporting them after their time is up. (See here, here, and here.) Not to mention dealing with the havoc they will continue to wreak on Swedish society during the one-to-three years they are allowed to stay. As for tightening rules for bringing family members, why not just pass legislation that makes it so no one can bring a single family member? (If the country is serious about deporting them after a maximum of three years, this makes sense from a practical perspective, as well.)

And then there are the newly implemented ID checks. It’s a bit late to begin checking ID don’t you think? And also a bit pointless since so many have forged documents.

Alas, apparently this is all do-the-right-thing Sweden can muster. Not only are these efforts weaker than they should be, but those in positions of authority still don’t seem to understand the nature of the threat.

In ever-polite, welcoming and humanitarian-minded Sweden, the new policies have triggered intense soul-searching. Announcing the changes in November, the deputy prime minister choked back tears. Even those charged with implementing the new restrictions do so with great ambivalence.

“I have everything. They’ve left everything,” said Anna Loenn, a police officer who led the checks at the first station on the Swedish side of the Oresund Bridge one recent evening. “It’s heartbreaking what’s happening.”

Yet authorities say the changes were necessary, both for security reasons and to stem a flow of arrivals that was simply unsustainable.

The nation is approaching this from a sustainability viewpoint with respect to its ability to care for invaders instead of facing the reality of how these colonizers will transform their civilized society into something unrecognizable. The country is already far along that deadly road. When one in four Swedish women will be raped and the vast majority of those rapists are Muslim men, when life for Jews is reverting back to a time in Europe’s history when Hitler rose to power, and when Swedes know they’re on their own with little-to-no government protection against marauding Muslims driving crime rates through the roof, Sweden is no longer what it once was. Instead, it is a nation that is becoming Islamicized. (See here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

“We can handle the 160,000 people who came this year. But we can’t handle it if there are another 160,000 people next year,” Johansson said, … “Our whole asylum system would break down.”

The system very nearly did break down in the fall. With arrivals outpacing the government’s ability to find shelter….

“We always take great pride in accommodating people in a dignified way,” said Mikael Ribbenvik, director of operations for the Migration Board, the government body in charge of caring for asylum seekers. “But we had to report on several occasions that we just couldn’t handle the situation.”

The asylum system will break down. That’s the concern. How about the fact that the nation is breaking down? Once again we see Sweden assessing her ability to care for invaders rather than confronting the cultural impact of importing hordes of Muslims from the Islamic world.

To the Swedish police officer interviewed in the WaPo article, who lamented “I have everything. They’ve left everything”: Don’t worry. It will all be straightened out in due time as Swedes lose their country and colonizers transplant whole communities from Islamic countries. Soon enough Swedes will have nothing and the “new arrivals” will have everything. I can see the welcome banners at the airport now. “Welcome to the Caliphate!” Being Europe’s first country to join will be a special source of pride I’m sure.

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