Stupid MSM tricks #2

ABC News is now suggesting that Hillary Clinton was not a liar when she falsely claimed in the last Democrat presidential debate that ISIS was using videos of Donald Trump.  Hat tip: Progressives Today. Via MRCTV:

ABC News: Hillary ‘Predicted’ ISIS Would Use Trump in Video

If I claimed it was currently raining when it was not, but two weeks later it does rain, does that make my original statement a prediction, that was “right?” No, if you’re honest about it. But maybe yes if you’re ABC News, and instead of me talking about rain, it was Hillary Clinton talking about Donald Trump in ISIS recruitment videos.

On today’s Good Morning America, co-host Dan Harris suggested Hillary Clinton “may actually have been right” about Donald Trump turning up in ISIS videos. And during the subsequent segment, reporter Mary Bruce said Hillary “predicted” Trump “would” be used in ISIS videos. There’s only one hitch: Hillary hadn’t “predicted” what ISIS “would” do. On December 19th, during a Dem debate, Hillary claimed that ISIS was already using Trump in recruitment videos.


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