State Department tells judge it needs an extra 30 days to release Hillary emails because of snow

Apparently the snow ate the State Department’s homework. CNN reports:

After misplacing about 7,000 pages of documents for several months, the State Department is now asking a federal judge for more time to release former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emails, blaming the blizzard currently slamming Washington.

Lawyers for the department asked Judge Rudolph Contreras on Friday if State can release some of Clinton's emails on February 29, one month after it was initially supposed to turn over the last of the documents. That would also result in many emails not becoming public until after the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries.

Unless there is some reason to anticipate the blizzard will last a month, this is a just a lame excuse.

Has anyone else noticed that it seems like the worst (or best depending on your perspective) emails seem to be saved for last?  The discloures are getting more and more damning.  In fact, for those who are willing to open their eyes, there are already seven smoking guns, by the count of Investor’s Business Daily.  There is an excellent chance that brave secret agents working for us have been killed because Hillary wanted to evade the laws requiring access to her correspondence.  The New York Post sums up this explosive possibility:

Fox News, which last week disclosed that messages on Clinton’s private server went beyond even Top Secret classification, now reports they even included material on clandestine human-intelligence sources.

That is, secret agents and local assets in the field — people whose very lives are in danger if they’re exposed.

And this comes as President Obama’s own former defense secretary, Robert Gates, admitted, “the odds are pretty high” that her home server was accessed by one or more hostile foreign governments.

I see an excellent chance that all this delay will work to the disadvantage of Hillary and her party – just as the limiting of the number of Democratic presidential debates is now harming her, preventing her from going after the surging Sanders.  It now seems quite possible that Hillary will come in second to Sanders in both Iowa and New Hampshire.  This will energize his base even more.

Thus, if damning evidence comes to the fore and/or if a criminal referral is made by the FBI, the pressure will be on Hillary to withdraw, and for Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, or some other Obama favorite to step forward and attempt to accumulate delegates.

All of this could very well lead to a Democratic convention where the party bosses and superdelegates strong-arm their choice and push aside Sanders, no matter how many delegates he is able to win in the primaries.  The more momentum Sanders generates, the bitterer his followers will be.  So keeping the damaging information from the public and keeping Biden, Warren, or whomever out of the race as long as possible could add to the estrangement the Sanders faction feels, possibly leading some to stay home in November, no matter who else is on top of the ticket.

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