Russians slaughter civilians in Syria; UN doesn't care

In the ongoing horror of the bloodletting in the Muslim dominated countries, a non Muslim country added to the slaughter, killing nearly 30 innocent civilians including women and children, hampering aid to the starving, besieged remaining civilians.  And the UN Human Rights commission, the UN General Assembly sprang into action, condemning the country, banning it from the community of nations.  

Oh wait...because the country wasn't Israel and/or the US but Russia the UN continued along, sopping up money, doing nothing.  

 Russian air strikes Saturday on an Al-Qaeda run prison in Syria killed nearly 60 people, a monitor said, as aid needed in three besieged towns where people are reportedly starving was delayed. (snip)

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the air raids that hit a building near a popular market in the northwestern Idlib town of Maarat al-Numan killed 21 civilians, 29 militants and seven detainees.

Thirty people were wounded, with many in critical condition.

The building houses a jail and a religious court run by Al-Nusra Front, Al-Qaeda's affiliate in Syria, said the Britain-based Observatory which relies on a network of sources in the ground.

A child and two women were among the civilians who died, while 23 Nusra fighters were among the militants killed. (snip)

Russian warplanes have been conducting strikes against the Islamic State organisation and other "terrorist" groups in Syria since September 30. (snip)

Madaya, home to 42,000 people, has become notorious in recent days because of people starving in the town.

It has been surrounded by regime troops for six months.  (snip)

According to Doctors Without Borders, at least 23 people have starved to death since December 1 in Madaya.

The UN Security Council is to discuss the matter behind closed doors on Monday, although no decision is expected.

More than 260,000 people have been killed since the Syrian conflict erupted in March 2011 and millions have been forced from their homes but a solution to end the bloodshed has been hard to nail.

The UN envoy has been on a regional tour to shore up support for peace talks due to take place in Geneva on January 25 between the Syrian government and its opponents.

Of course, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is run out of London by just a few individuals who are anti Assad, who is of course, no paragon and pro other terrorists.

Meanwhile, the slaughter continues while the UN ineffectually chirps, waiting only to condemn Israel or the US if they dare defend themselves, especially disproportionately.  Russia's mass murder proportions, the terrorists' mass murder proportions are apparently just fine for the UN.