Running from a girl's not a New York value

Donald Trump has announced he will not participate in the Fox News Iowa Republican presidential debate. Ostensibly, the Donald is upset because Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked him a question during an earlier debate that he deemed a low blow and unfair. For what it’s worth, I agree with him that it was a bit of a cheap shot and it was assuredly asked in a snarky fashion. I said so then and I still believe that it was an unnecessarily provocative question, but hey, presidential politics ain’t beanbag, Donald.

For all I know, this latest move by the Trump campaign, demanding that FNC remove Kelly from the panel of moderators may be just another clever ploy to control the media coverage of events heading into the Iowa caucuses next week. If so, the reactions I’ve seen so far from fellow Republicans are entirely negative, with the pundits all calling it a huge mistake by Trump with the terms silly, petulant, immature, etc. being bounced about the soundstages.

I’m afraid I have to agree that it doesn’t make the New York tough guy look quite so tough. One of the Fox pundits talking with Kelly made an observation that I believe much of America may share: Running from a girl’s not a New York value, Donald.

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