Question to Hillary at Dem town hall gave away the phony game being played

A youthful questioner at last night’s Democratic presidential candidates town hall let it slip that he had been fed a question for Hillary.  The video is embedded below.  This slip of the tongue confirms that whole event was a set-up to help the Democrat establishment’s chosen vehicle win the Iowa caucus and keep the gravy train rolling.  After all, when Hillary was presumed to be strong, the number of debates was strictly limited and then were scheduled for time slots aimed at keeping viewership to a minimum.  But now that Sanders is showing strength, the DNC – run by Hillary ally Debbie Wasserman Schultz – abruptly scheduled a new event.

In the video, Bret Rosenberg, who identifies himself as a janitorial supervisor and undecided, asked Hillary a question but begins by addressing “Secretary Sanders…Secretary Clinton…oh, sorry.”

The crowd laughed and Hillary said, “That’s OK.”

The rattled young man then gave away the secret: “I can see why they gave you this question.”


The question asked her to identify the president who inspired her the most.  Not hubby Bill, and not even a Democrat.

Watch below:

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