Police in Norway proclaim 'Oslo is lost'

Gronland is a district in Oslo, Norway, very close to Parliament.  Per a Poqari News report, the area looks like “Karachi, Basra, and Mogadishu all rolled into one.”  The situation has devolved to such a point that the police in Gronland have declared: “Oslo is lost.”

Gronland’s been on track to join the caliphate for a while.  A little over two years ago, Muslims in Gronland were pushing for it to become part of the Islamic State.

Poqari News reports that Norway (and all of Europe) is no longer recognizable as such, that women are routinely raped, men are robbed on a regular basis, the police have given up, and there are sharia patrols.

In 2015, there were 50 rape reports filed in Gronland, where, like all of Oslo, 100% of rapes of native Norwegian women by strangers are committed by Muslims.  Across Norway, as with all of Europe, women dare not go out at night alone, the risk of rape is so incredibly high.

Also in 2015, robberies in Gronland averaged one a day.  In the past ten years, more than 4,000 people have been robbed, often right near the Gronland police station, which is in an immigrant ghetto.

When the police visited one of Gronland’s latest victims, who was assaulted, held hostage, and robbed, they told him they had no way of stopping the robberies.  “We have lost the city,” they said.

We are witnessing the wholesale collapse of Europe due to self-destructive decisions and a lack of any will to defend the homeland – a defense that wouldn’t be necessary if they hadn’t let the barbarians in.  But they let them in.  And they just can’t stop.

Europe has become addicted to its self-inflicted demise.  Who would have guessed needless guilt would go that far?

Is there any hope?  I suppose there’s always hope.  But things look grim.

One ray of light in Norway was the 2013 election of Erna Solberg as prime minister.  She is a center-right politician who ran on an anti-immigrant platform.  So far her administration has been relatively aggressive about using deportation as a way of fighting crime.  The top three countries of origin for deportation have been Nigeria, Afghanistan, and Morocco.  During Solberg’s first year in office, nearly 5,200 foreigners were deported.

It’s a start.  But with invaders flooding the continent, it seems a small belated step in the face of an avalanche – an avalanche that is starting here at home.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs, Conservative Treehouse, Bare Naked Islam

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