'Philomena' and the Magical Sodomite Archetype

If the movie Philomena shows up on your Netflix page, skip it.  It is dumb, and it is dangerous. The premise is that two four-year-old children, a boy and a girl, are sold away from their mothers by evil Catholic nuns who are enslaving the mothers in a convent. Then the stereotypes really kick in. On what would have been the boy's 50th birthday, his mother, Philomena, decides to find him.  The two children were raised in the same affluent American family.  Of course, their adoptive father was a real bad guy, although in unspecified ways.  But lo and behold!  The boy grew up to be a homosexual – male-model gorgeous, brilliant, marvelously successful – who works in the White House alongside presidents Reagan and Bush.  He is a loving and compassionate man, who also went in search of his mother.  The little girl grew up to be a heterosexual woman.  She is an ugly, stupid harridan who screams at her children from inside a...(Read Full Post)