Pennsylvania mayor pulls police from NRA gun show after demanding 60% increase in fees

Here's a case of mayor's revenge politics trumping what's best for his city. The mayor of Harrisburg, Pa. is pulling police protection from the upcoming NRA-sponsored gun show because they oppose the city's gun control policies. Mayor Eric Papenfuse tried to jack up fees paid by the NRA to the city by 60%, which the group refused to do.  They already pay $600,000 to the city for the exhibition and figure the mayor is trying to hold them up. Washington Free Beacon: Harrisburg police have provided security for the annual Great American Outdoors Show, scheduled this year for February 6-14, in the past. Mayor Eric Papenfuse said that the decision not to offer the department’s services this year was motivated in part by the NRA’s opposition to the city’s gun control policies. “We have an epidemic of gun violence,” Papenfuse told WHTM. “It’s no secret that the NRA has worked against the city’s...(Read Full Post)