Pelosi unconcerned Iran will do bad things with the $150 billion

There are so many members of the Loathsome Lunatic Leaders Club that it’s hard to decide who is the worst.  But if I had to choose one, Nancy Pelosi would be right up there.  Here’s a tidbit of insanity that fell from her lips on Wednesday when discussing the Iran deal with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, her mouth and lips in constant motion even when she wasn’t speaking, her thick mane of fake hair thicker than ever, and her attitude rich with her usual stupidity and smugness.

The money that is being released is Iranian money…so it isn’t about us giving them anything.


Is she crazy???  (Yes.)

OK.  Continue.

It’s about them having access to their own money if they meet the terms of the agreement.

Wait.  What’s that I hear?  I believe it’s the mullahs in Iran laughing.

Moving on.

Cuomo raised the issue that the American public doesn’t care about whose money it is because giving Iran 150 billion dollars is “giving fuel to the Iranian fire.”

It’s their money and the sanctions were there for a reason.

Cuomo pointed out (in a tone and with a facial expression as if talking to a child) that sanctions were in place because Iran does bad things with their money.

Yeah, well they may. And they have lots of needs in their own economy, uh, that they’ll have to invest in. They have been doing bad things with the money that they have. But the fact is that the biggest threat to all of us is that Iran would have a nuclear weapon. We have taken them off that course. How much is that worth? Of their own money?

Pelosi spoke lied, as she always does, with a kind of bizarre, wide-eyed excitement (probably no other options at this point after so much plastic surgery) and a weird breezy, self-assured pride about policies that are reprehensible and will get people killed.

There is no further comment needed on what she had to say.  It speaks for itself.  (One can also refer to the first Q&A at the beginning of the post.)

Hat tip: The Right Scoop and The Free Beacon