Out of touch Jeb! says Trump's Muslim ban is out of touch

Isn't it odd when stupid people call other people stupid?  I saw a little of that in the Republican debate on Thursday when Jeb! said that Donald Trump's plan to temporarily ban Muslim immigration would offend the very countries we need to cooperate with.  Jeb named Indonesia, a very fundamentalist regime that follows sharia law and has radical Islamic bombers going around killing people.  Jeb also pointed out that the Kurds are Muslim, too.

Does that mean that the Kurds would no longer accept our support if we banned Muslim immigration?  Is Saudi Arabia suddenly on the verge of cutting off funding for radical madrassas, but holding off in the wake of Trump's announcement?

The fact is that a lot of Muslim governments are fundamentalist regimes who promote radicalism and will continue to promote radicalism regardless of what we do.

In any event, these states simply aren't so vital to the war on terror.  Who is it who goes in and bombs ISIS?  Saudi Arabia?  Qatar?  Egypt?

No, it is the U.S. Air Force.  When we have "coalitions," the other members are just for show.  We are the ones who do nearly all the fighting, unless we get the British or the French to send some fighter jets in solidarity.  The "cooperation" from the Arab states is minimal.

But Jeb Bush doesn't understand this.  He thinks our number-one priority is to be worried about offending the Saudis, or the Indonesians, when we should be looking out for our own national interests first.  If the Saudis want to stop funding radical schools, they will do it, whether or not we limit immigration.  In the meantime, I don't see any Gulf State letting in refugees from Syria or Iraq.  They aren't worried about offending anyone, because they are looking out for their own best interest.

And so should we.  Jeb represents the worst side of so-called "multilateralism," the feeling that building coalitions at the U.N. or resolutions produced by the Arab League will accomplish anything.  It won't.  Protecting our borders, using military power, and showing terrorists we mean business is the answer, and on this subject, Jeb is wrong and Donald Trump is right.

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of NewsMachete.com, the conservative news site.