Obama's fake tears?

Were President Obama's tears over gunshot victims genuine?  Nearly all political commentators, and even Donald Trump, credited him with genuine emotion.  Doug Ross and Biff Spackle, however, noted how unusual it was for Obama to mourn with tears, given the many opportunities:   There were so many AT comments on my blog yesterday about Obama’s crocodile tears, I was inspired to write a short follow-up piece to highlight them and to further expand on his intentional manipulation of the public with choreographed emotions. Additional insights from AT readers Several readers noted that if a person applies a dab of menthol or camphor to his fingertip, it can induce tears.  Likely many of us are familiar with this when we inadvertently touch or rub our eye after we’ve used a substance that is irritating.  (Bengay comes to mind.)  It stings and causes one’s eye to get red and to tear – our body’s automatic response to...(Read Full Post)