Muslim mass sexual assaults in Germany on New Year's Eve

The American mainstream media are ignoring a horrifying example of sexual violence on the part of Muslims in Germany.  The little darlings Europe is importing couldn’t contain themselves on New Year’s Eve.  As Breitbart and RT report, Europe’s newest group of residents rang in 2016 by launching fireworks into crowds, molesting, raping, assaulting, and robbing as fights also broke out among groups of invaders, who numbered in the thousands.  And that was just in and around one railway station in one city (Cologne, Germany).  Extrapolate to the rest of Germany, the rest of Europe, and here is the not too distant future. Barbarians shouted “ficki ficki” (f***y f***y), called women “sluts,” yanked their hair, and stripped women bare as they sexually assaulted them and laughed through it all.  In many cases, women were attacked by large gangs, making it difficult for victims to positively identify the perpetrators to the...(Read Full Post)