Muslim mass sexual assaults in Germany on New Year's Eve

The American mainstream media are ignoring a horrifying example of sexual violence on the part of Muslims in Germany.  The little darlings Europe is importing couldn’t contain themselves on New Year’s Eve.  As Breitbart and RT report, Europe’s newest group of residents rang in 2016 by launching fireworks into crowds, molesting, raping, assaulting, and robbing as fights also broke out among groups of invaders, who numbered in the thousands.  And that was just in and around one railway station in one city (Cologne, Germany).  Extrapolate to the rest of Germany, the rest of Europe, and here is the not too distant future.

Barbarians shouted “ficki ficki” (f***y f***y), called women “sluts,” yanked their hair, and stripped women bare as they sexually assaulted them and laughed through it all.  In many cases, women were attacked by large gangs, making it difficult for victims to positively identify the perpetrators to the police.

… up to 1,000 heavily intoxicated men of “Arab or North African” origin flooded the city’s famous square between its central train station and Gothic cathedral. Aged between 15 and 35, the crowd began throwing firecrackers and shooting fireworks as the new year arrived.

As of this writing, at least 80 victims have been identified, 35 of whom were sexually assaulted.

Law enforcement believes there are many more victims out there and are appealing to them to come forward.  The police union described the New Year’s Eve war zone at the Cologne railway station as a new dimension of violence on a scale not seen before, while the chief of police confirmed that the attackers were “migrants,” calling the situation “intolerable.”

“Intolerable” is an understatement.  But okay, let’s start with that.  Just how intolerable?  Apparently not very, given the fact that there were thousands of assailants, dozens of victims, and comprehensive video monitoring of the area.  And yet the police have made only five arrests.


Meanwhile, it has come to light that only ten police officers were dispatched to the station after receiving an initial report of a sexual assault by a gang.  There are also unverified accusations that some officers ridiculed a victim for not being vigilant enough.  In other words, it was her fault because she didn’t pay close attention to the fact that these “migrants” have a penchant for rape.  And although the ridicule has not been corroborated, the reality is that in Germany and elsewhere throughout Europe, authority figures have ignored and castigated women and girls who have been victims of rape by Muslims.  In addition, the fairer sex have been told to dress modestly lest they entice Muslim men to rape them because of “cultural misunderstandings.”  So there is a pattern of indulging Muslim savagery while expecting civilized European women to enforce sharia law by adapting to Islamic cultural norms and mandates.

Police in Cologne finally realized what had happened:

The mass attack on women that happened “in the middle of the city” around Cologne Central Station on New Year's Eve was “an intolerable situation,” Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers told reporters. (snip)

The crowd of around 1,000 men attacked people in the city center in what Albers described as a “crime of a whole new dimension.”

Speaking of which, prior to New Year’s Eve, some German towns canceled fireworks lest they upset the frail sensibilities of their new friends from Islamic hellholes.  The rationale?  Heaven forbid the loud noises trigger horrific reminders of the war zone the colonizers fled.

Upside-down and backwards, as usual.

It is Europe that imported a war zone.  And war it is.

Hat tip: Jerome Schmitt

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