Muslim immigration hypocrisy

Most of us have locks on our doors.  We do not think twice about securing our homes from unwanted intrusion.  Yet now the opposition to common sense has increased in Western cultures, to the point where it is now controversial to get foreigners to ask permission before invading another country.  There are a significant number of people in the West who believe that everyone in the world has the right to come and go across all international borders.

The reasons for this irrational thinking are explicated in a series of essays I have written regarding the suicide of the West.  In the first such essay, Culture Matters, I identified the substantial difference between major world cultures on basic behavioral outcomes under the headings of life, liberty, and property.  In particular, it is shown that increasing Muslim population within a country is negatively associated with freedom and positively associated with terrorism and female genital mutilation.

It should be the consensus of all well-meaning and informed people to end the immigration of people born into such cultures into the West, with the exception of non-Muslim asylum seekers.  After decades of Muslim terrorism, the West is now experiencing the fruits of hijrah, the Muslim invasion, in Europe.  The bodily integrity of Europe’s women is being sacrificed upon the altar of multiculturalism to the insatiable god of jihad.

However, only one American presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump, has had the decency to offer to protect Americans by barring the entry of more Muslims.  This power is undoubtedly a legal, constitutional prerogative of the president, under 8 USC §1182, “Inadmissible Aliens.”  For this proposal he has been roundly condemned by Democrats and Republicans alike.

Within my own community, the Jewish-American community, politics have long leaned to the left, unfortunately.  The left, of course, is not known for correcting its course based on new evidence; one stays loyal to the old platitudes, no matter the human cost.  In the past, one could at least rely on the common sense of the observant Orthodox community and the nationalist Zionist community.

Alas, it seems those days are now gone.  Both the Orthodox Union and the Zionist Organization of America (both of which I have supported in the past) have condemned Trump’s proposal to protect America from becoming Eurabia.

  • OU: “Neither partisan politics nor xenophobia can have a place in that debate” (concerning the allegedly Syrian alleged refugees).
  • ZOA: “Many, ourselves included, think Trump’s suggestion to exclude any and all Muslims from coming to America excessive and ill-conceived.”

The hypocrisy is unbearable.  Israel has an immigration policy offering citizenship only to Jews, and possibly others to be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.  Israel has rightly resisted pressure to accept millions of descendants of former Arab residents of the land of Israel, pressure that would result in the dissolution of the Jewish character of the state.  In particular, Israel will not accept an influx of millions of Muslims.  This policy has been supported by the American Jewish community.

The question is now obvious.  This policy of barring Muslim immigration is good enough for Israel, so why should it not be good enough for America?

Suppose the open-borders supporters were to get their way.  We already have accumulated enough evidence by observing Europe to know that the Muslim invaders will attack women and Jews first, raping the first, murdering the second.  Is that what the Jewish establishment wants?  They should speak with some Jewish refugees from Arab countries in the Middle East, to find out how their distant cousins the Arabs will treat them.

God did not send His prophets the Bible as a suicide manual.  Just as houses have doors, so does every country have the right to an absolutely secure border, and to decide who can enter.  I urge the OU and the ZOA to withdraw their statements, and to allow the American political process to play itself out.  I know I will feel much safer, and America will be much safer, with President Trump in the White House.  Any other president will put America at existential risk.

Surak is a patriot and a scholar.