Mayor of Cologne blames women for being raped

The mayor of Cologne, Germany, made a statement about the war zone in her city on New Year’s eve, courtesy of Muslim imports who threw fireworks into crowds, molested, raped, attacked, and robbed non-Muslims, while also getting into brawls among themselves. Dozens of non-Muslims were victimized and the police believe there are many more victims who have yet to come forward. A large number of women were groped and raped as multitudes of Muslim savages pulled their hair and ripped off their clothes, grabbing and invading every orifice of their bodies while laughing and calling them sluts. Despite the scale of the violence and video cameras capturing much of it, the police only made five arrests. And the one-sided war in Cologne on New Year’s eve was covered up by officials and the media for several days. So now we’re in Phase 2, when leaders and the media decide what to say. Heaven forbid it would resemble reality. It’s all quite predictable by now as...(Read Full Post)