Louis Farrakhan has the nerve to lecture whites about Donald Trump

Louis Farrakhan is a hardcore bigot who dresses neatly to hide the disorder of his antagonistic soul.  I have no love for bitter Malcolm X, but the rumors that Farrakhan was involved in his execution would sure make me, if I were black, abandon Farrakhan's vitriolic antipathy toward everyone. Farrakhan was on some fringe show, The Cliff Kelley Show, in which he warned Americans about Trump becoming president.  That's the prejudiced pot calling the innocent kettle black. Who is bigoted Farrakhan to warn anyone about anything?  He is prejudice hiding behind a minister's robes. Farrakhan said, "Mr. Trump is tearing away the skin of the onion of white civility, and the more he pulls the skin of that onion back, he's beginning to show something in the character of the whites that follow him, that they don't care what he says.  He could say one thing this minute, another thing the next minute, and you can see that the man has a little...(Read Full Post)