Liberals desperately seeking self-suffering

We know that liberals desperately pursue those things that cause them to hate themselves.  Who knows why?  Perhaps it is some kind of sick reason to justify their miserable existence, a sort of mental self-flagellation, to join the endless cognitive dissonances that also reside in the liberal psyche.  Whatever the reason, for the rest of us, this liberal lunacy causes only puzzled disbelief and amused head-scratching.

A perfect example is the meme that racist Europeans caused the virtual extinction of the Indians in America by bringing dreaded diseases with them to the New World in a deliberate ethnic cleansing.  Unfortunately for liberals, the evidence, as usual, proves their claims utterly false.

If we look at the infectious diseases that occurred in Europe before the New World was colonized after 1500 AD, a striking picture emerges of multiple infestations that decimated the population.  Below is a list of the major epidemics:

1. The Antonine Plague killed 30% of the population of Europe, Western Asia, and Northern Africa from 165-180.

2. The Plague of Cyprian from 250-266 killed thousands a day and claimed two Roman Emperors.

3. The Plague of Justinian had a death toll of 40% of the population of Europe between 541-542.

4. The "Black Death" claimed 30% to 70% of the population of Europe from 1346-1350.

Sorry, liberals.  These facts prove that diseases and pestilences decimated Europe virtually from the beginning.  The unmistakable conclusion is that the Indians in America fared similarly and were not infected deliberately.  And since the Germ Theory of Disease was not fully understood until the late 1800s, the early American explorers were guiltless of the unfortunate ravages they unknowingly brought to the New World.  Columbus was indeed a hero.  These facts must make the cringe-worthy liberal mind quite unhinged.

In this silly electioneering season, let’s us conservatives deal with liberal taunts and accusations similarly with patience, facts, and even humor.  Perhaps this treatment could even be extended to the desperate establishment critics of conservative Republican candidates.

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