It's not climate's the confusion

It's enough to drive you to drink.  Thank God that I don't!  I drink water when I get mad.

On one hand, we get a story that 2015 was the warmest in 135 years or since records were kept.  Isn't it a bit misleading to say warmest ever? What happened to the world before 1881?  Don't we teach history from that period?

On the other hand, we see a story today that maybe it's not so, according to Patrick J. Michaels:

Surface temperatures are indeed increasing slightly: They’ve been going up, in fits and starts, for more than 150 years, or since a miserably cold and pestilential period known as the Little Ice Age. 

Before carbon dioxide from economic activity could have warmed us up, temperatures rose three-quarters of a degree Fahrenheit between 1910 and World War II. 

They then cooled down a bit, only to warm again from the mid-1970s to the late ’90s, about the same amount as earlier in the century.

Again, it's all enough to drive a person like me crazy.    

Look at that Time magazine cover about the cooling age.  The man on the cover looked as though he was present at the Packers-Cowboys game known as "The Ice Bowl," or the 1966 NFL Championship Game.   

Then there is the other Time cover about global warming with the poor little penguin wondering about his future.

Add to this that President Obama keeps calling "climate change" our biggest threat but has never addressed the nation and couldn't get Senate Democrat majorities to give him anything.    

So here is a suggestion for the next president: get to the bottom of climate change or the controversy.

Form a blue-ribbon committee with enough smart people from both sides.  Tell them to go into a room and come back with a report that addresses the problem without the alarmist tone of recent years.   

Are we cold, or are we warm?  Tell me the truth.

After that, tell us what the remedy is.      

Tell me what all of this alternative energy is going to cost.  Is it going to drive a lot of manufacturing to China or elsewhere?   

We need a serious discussion of climate change, because today's back-and-forth has me lost.

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