Iraqi ‘refugee’ in the U.S. had big bomb plans

Many “refugees” from Islamic lands come to the United States pursuing their particular American dream.  The dream is more like a nightmare for us, as some of our new friends set about maiming and murdering Americans – as was the case with Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, an Iraqi “refugee” who came to the United States in 2009, wanted to help the Islamic State, and had plans to set off bombs in Houston malls.  The AP reports:

An Iraqi refugee who is facing charges that he tried to help the Islamic State group wanted to set off bombs at two Houston malls and was learning to make electronic transmitters that could be used to detonate explosive devices, a federal agent testified.

Omar Faraj Saeed Al Hardan, who came to Houston from Iraq in 2009, was indicted last week on three charges, including attempting to provide support to a designated terrorist organization. He pleaded not guilty to all three charges during a court appearance on Wednesday.

U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes denied granting Al Hardan a bond, ruling that there would be a serious risk that the Iraqi refugee would flee if released from federal custody.

Hughes made his decision after listening to testimony from Homeland Security Special Agent Herman Wittliff, who said that in addition to Al Hardan wanting to set off bombs at the two Houston malls, including the popular Galleria mall, the Iraqi man was also learning how to make electronic transmitters that could be used to detonate improvised explosive devices. Al Hardan wanted use cellphones — a collection of which were found in his apartment — to detonate the transmitters, Wittliff said.

"He wanted to build them (the transmitters) for ISIL," Wittliff said.

"For what purpose?" asked prosecutor Ralph Imperato.

"So he could kill people," Wittliff replied. (snip)

Wittliff also testified authorities had a photograph showing Al Hardan had taken an oath on a Quran to the Islamic State and that in the closet of his bedroom, agents found an Islamic State flag and a prayer to do list in which he spoke about receiving strength to be able to commit jihad and becoming a martyr.

It appears that Hardan was also in contact with another Iraqi refugee who lived in California, and they communicated about acquiring weapons and traveling to Syria to fight with the Islamic State.

Naturally, the AP article also included the usual reference to family members denying knowledge about any of this, a pattern of purported ignorance and innocence we also see with imams who claim they don’t know the jihadists at their mosques.  Not that anyone should be surprised.  Recall how a few years ago CAIR urged Muslim Americans not to cooperate with the FBI in a campaign called Build a Wall of Resistance?

But getting back to the AP article, there was one sentence buried in the piece that caught my eye:

Immigrant advocates say they have full confidence in the vetting process and that tens of thousands of Iraqi refugees have been successfully resettled in the U.S.

I have two things to say about that.

First, the FBI has unequivocally stated they can’t vet these people, yet “immigrant advocates” (and a whole lot of other folks) are confident in the vetting process.  If ever there was proof positive of how certifiably stupid these people are, this would be it.  Useful idiots are confident in a process that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to do.  I guess they’re also confident they won’t be among the victims when bombs, bullets, and blades next strike innocent Americans.

And second, I’d like to know what “successfully settled in the U.S.” means.  Quite likely Harden would have been considered “successfully settled” by many.

Until he wasn’t.  (And likely never was.)

Hat tip: Jihad Watch, Atlas Shrugs, Investigative Project on Terrorism

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