How does Trump run against Hillary with video showing him praising her?

In the run-up to tonight's Democratic debate, Ted Cruz posted a video of Donald Trump with the caption:

As the #DemDebate begins, Republicans have to wonder which team @realDonaldTrump would play for[.]

The video shows Trump saying what a great secretary of state Hillary Clinton was:

I've known her and her husband and I really like them both a lot, and I think she really works hard... I think she does a good job... The record of Hillary Clinton and how did she do as Secretary of State probably above and beyond everybody else.

This wasn't from 10 or 15 years ago; this was from 2012, fairly recently.  Can we really nominate someone who was singing Hillary Clinton's praises less than four years ago to run against her in 2016?  This is only one of many reasons why I do not trust Donald Trump.

Trump supporters, of course, will say that as a businessman, he was just trying to get along with people in power so he could cut favorable deals with the government.  (By the way, I call that crony capitalism.)  But in any event, there's no sense rehashing the did-he-mean-it-or-did-he-not debate.

Instead, let's assume that Trump didn't mean it.  Or he changed his mind.  Still, how effectively can he run against Hillary Clinton with this video out there showing how great he thought she was?  When Trump starts criticizing her, all Hillary will have to do is run this video of Trump praising her, and Trump will look like a liar and a hypocrite. 

This is very similar to the problem Mitt Romney at in 2012.  He couldn't effectively criticize Obamacare because he had passed something similar in his own state.

I think we need a nominee who doesn't have a fairly recent video out there praising the candidate he's to run against.  Is that really such a high bar for a presidential nominee?

This article was written by Ed Straker, senior writer of, the conservative news site.